At Precision Auto Werks we strive to give your Mini the attention it needs, bolt-on, custom work, or the Werks, for your personal performance needs or the track, we are all about your Mini Cooper's Performance. At Precision Auto Werks we use top quality products but can also accommodate to the clients budget.


Based on 2007+ r56, r55, r57, r58, r59, r60, JCW, GP

Stage 1: ECU tuning, air filter 

Stage 2: ECU tuning, air filter, sparkplugs 

Stage 3: ECU tuning, air filter, sparkplugs, inter-cooler

Stage 4: ECU tuning, air filter, sparkplugs, intercooler, pistons, and ported cylinder head


Based 2002-2007* R52, R53, JCW

Suspension upgrades, strut bars, coil over, custom exhaust, cat-back system, anti-sway bar, superchargers, cam shafts, down pipe, clutch upgrades, locking differential, custom head work, Exclusive high flow performance inter-coolers, intake filters, big brake kits up to 13”. 




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